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Nominalus galingumas (kW) 12
Maksimali CO emisija (%) 0.15
Naudingumo koef. maksimalioje apkrovoje (%) 64
Vidutinė dūmų temperatūra (OC) 251
Vidutinės sąnaudos (kg/val.) 4
Maksimalus malkų ilgis (cm) 50
Minimalus kamino traukos poreikis (Pa) 10
Ilgis (mm) 692
Plotis (mm) 430
Aukštis (mm) 520
Svoris (kg) 110



SIROCCO - thermoelectric stove fan

EAN code: 4779022360589

PURPOSE: As the stove heats up, the air around the stove also heats up and rises to the top of the room. SIROCCO helps to circulate this warm air around the room before it reaches the ceiling, thus increasing efficiency of your stove. It has an incredible capacity of moving - 350 cu. meters of air per hour around the room - depending on the operating temperature. This fan generates its own electricity to operate, so it won‘t need any power cords or batteries. It has a thermoelectric module that works like a generator to power the fans blades.
Sirocco in use

USE: SIROCCO is ready to use straight from the box. Just place the fan on top of your stove and wait for the surface to heat up. As the temperature of the stove increases so will the speed of the fan and when the stove cools down the fan will stop automatically.



Genuine leather log basket H2

EAN code: 4779022360657

PURPOSE: Made from 100% leather. These baskets are made from superior quality of raw material and are apt to be used by everyone. Dimensions of this basket:
Size of log basket H2

USE: Please see the video below Leather log basket .video


Leather log basket H2


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